The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education is primarily funded by Christine and Mike Foster of Environmental Business Specialists LLC of Mandeville LA. EBS currently funds the Foundation in several ways:

  • EBS has committed to donate a percentage of our gross sales each month to the Foundation. This money is classified as “unrestricted” in that we can apply it to whichever cause the Board designates.
  • EBS commits $500 per river study performed. Each quarter, EBS performs a river study for Temple-Inland, Bogalusa LA and for Georgia Pacific, Monticello MS. This money is classified as “restricted” in that it is designated to fund the EBS Pearl River Study Scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • EBS purchased a variety of lab equipment and glassware from the International Paper, Natchez MS papermill when the mill was closed. International Paper graciously allowed local schools to pick out glassware they might use for classroom instruction after their other mills absorbed specialty items. After the local schools chose their equipment, EBS purchased the remaining items and donated it to the Foundation. The Foundation is offering local schools the opportunity to receive these items while specialty items that schools are not able to use will be sold on EBAY with the money used to purchase needed items that schools have requested.

Other large contributors are as follows:

  • The International Paper Company of Bastrop, LA donated a large amount of laboratory equipment and glassware that they could no longer use.

And of course we do not want to forget our smaller contributors that have donated money to the Foundation.

Thank you everyone. Donations large and small help us excite kids in the area of science.