DonationsThere are many ways one might contribute to The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education. If you have had the chance to peruse our website, you might enjoy one or more of the following:

  • You might desire to donate money to a particular cause such adding a scholarship, for classroom equipment, or you might just donate it for us to apply as needed.
  • Your company might desire to initiate a scholarship particular to their needs. For instance, if you create The {Papermill name} Science or Engineering Scholarship, you could specify that it is for youths pursuing a particular degree, from a certain area such are your local area or from anywhere, are going to school in your state or any state, etc. You determine the criteria for the applicants. This is a great way to create enthusiasm and to enhance community relations in your area in addition to creating a mechanism to make available for future hire employees that are skilled in areas you need them in.
  • If there is a children’s museum in your area, perhaps you would like to contribute and have the Foundation donate funds to support a science based demonstration at that museum.
  • Do you or your plant have excess science equipment that you’d like to donate? If the schools cannot use something that is very specialized, we will be happy to sell it on EBAY and use those funds to purchase more applicable equipment.
  • Would you still like to donate but do not have anything science oriented or monetary in nature? Perhaps you have something else that you want us to sell on EBAY and then use that money for one of the areas we donate in. We would be happy to consider this.
  • Or you may have a great idea for an important need in the school system or community that we have not thought of. Let us know.

In most of these cases, these donations do not have to be for the Foundation’s four-Parish area in particular but can be specific to your needs. We are happy to implement and manage your science pursuits.

Let us help make it easy for you to enjoy contributing to a youth’s success in the pursuit of science or engineering. Please contact us today.